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Expert AP educators have created AP Insight, a set of research-based tools targeting concepts and skills critical to college success.

Schools, districts, and states across the country are using AP Insight to help students and teachers succeed. Request more information to learn about implementing AP Insight in your AP program.

AP Insight has allowed my students to make better connections and have a better understanding of the essential knowledge of the course.

—AP Insight Teacher

Subscriptions are currently available for:

AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP U.S. History, and AP World History.


Target Challenge Areas

Identify and overcome common stumbling blocks with AP Insight's digital toolkit of assessment and instructional activities.

Use AP Insight with your own curriculum and anticipate student struggles while making critical connections throughout the course. With activities to build students' understanding of challenge areas, you'll make the most of your instructional time and empower students.

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Track Progress

Monitor your instruction and get deep insight into every student's needs.

Formative assessments provide items that mirror questions on the AP Exam and inform instruction with immediate, action-oriented feedback. Progress tools and student feedback reports make it easy to pinpoint areas of strength and areas where more work is needed, helping each student progress and moving the whole class forward.


Connect and Learn

Share your best practices and get support from a global network of teachers.

Self-paced learning activities help apply formative assessment strategies.

Virtual PLC sessions offer tactical support to improve achievement.

New and experienced teachers connect and share strategies.


I love the technology based planning, teaching and assessment of the program. It will give the students real-time instant feedback on the areas they need to improve on, which will help them with their long-term goals of mastering the AP Biology material.

—AP Insight Teacher