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Important Updates

We encourage every AP student to register for 2021 AP Exams by the exam ordering deadline—we’ll waive the unused/canceled exam fee for any student who later decides not to test. . Exams ordered after November 13, 2020, for full-year and first-semester courses and exam only sections, are subject to the late order fee.

AP Registration and Ordering

  1. 2020

    FRI, OCT 2


    Preferred Ordering Deadline

    We recommend student enrollments are completed by this date in AP Registration and Ordering.

  2. 2020

    FRI, NOV 13,

    • 11:59 PM ET

    Final Ordering Deadline

    This is the deadline for the AP coordinator to submit the exam order for all full-year and first-semester AP courses, and all exam only sections in AP Registration and Ordering.

  3. 2021

    FRI, MAR 12,

    • 11:59 PM ET

    Ordering Deadline for Spring Courses and to Change Fall Exam Orders

    This is the exam ordering deadline for AP courses that begin after November 13 as well as the deadline to make changes to fall orders in AP Registration and Ordering.

    Even though the unused/canceled exam fee won’t be applied this year, schools are still encouraged to submit known cancellations by this date.

Review the Annual Calendar and Deadlines for 2020-21.

Update for 2020-21: Given this year’s unusual circumstances, to support students in making their exam registration decisions in the fall, the unused/canceled exam fee won’t be applied if a student later decides not to take an exam that was ordered for them.

AP coordinators submit exam orders through AP Registration and Ordering. The AP Participation Form must be electronically signed and submitted online through AP Registration and Ordering before you can order exams. You’ll need to complete initial setup in AP Registration and Ordering to generate your AP Participation Form.

Important: If your school’s exam order is submitted after November 13 because your school’s AP Participation Form wasn’t submitted, the $40 per exam late order fee will apply to each exam included in your order.

For a complete overview of the AP Exam ordering process, please review the following Accessing and Using AP Registration and Ordering pages:

Visit Late-Testing Policies for the late-testing schedule and information about late-testing policies.

Special Ordering Circumstances

See specific policies for these situations: