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Portfolio Updates

Beginning in 2019-20, the AP Art and Design portfolios will each consist of two sections:

  1. Sustained Investigation (60% of exam score)
    For all three portfolios, students will submit images and writing to document their inquiry-guided investigation through practice, experimentation, and revision:
    • 15 digital images that include works of art and design and process documentation.
    • Typed responses to prompts, providing information about the questions that guided their investigation and how they practiced, experimented, and revised, guided by their questions.
  2. Selected Works (40% of exam score)
    For all three portfolios, students will submit works of art and design and writing to demonstrate skillful synthesis of materials, processes, and ideas:
    • For AP 2-D Art and Design and AP Drawing: 5 physical works or high-quality reproductions of physical works with written responses on paper describing the materials, processes, and ideas used.
    • For AP 3-D Art and Design: Digital images of 5 works (2 views of each) with typed responses describing the materials, processes, and ideas used.

With the elimination of the Range of Approaches (Breadth) section of the current portfolios, your students can focus on in-depth, inquiry-based art and design making; on skillful synthesis of materials, processes, and ideas; and on articulating information about their work.

These updates will better support inquiry-based learning, encouraging students to document their sustained investigation of materials, processes, and ideas through practice, experimentation, and revision. The updated portfolios will be open to diverse approaches to thinking and making, aligning with college, university, and contemporary disciplinary practices.

Clarity for Teachers and Students

Starting in 2019-20, a course and exam description (CED) will replace the current course description document. 

  • The new CED includes the updated portfolio requirements and a detailed course framework.
  • To clarify what students need to know and do, the framework specifies big ideas, essential questions, enduring understandings, learning objectives, and essential knowledge. The skills students need to demonstrate are clearly defined.
  • The new CED also includes information about the updated scoring rubrics for the Sustained Investigation and Selected Works sections of the 3 portfolios, fostering an accurate, shared understanding of how work will be evaluated. Scoring criteria are aligned with the defined course skills and learning objectives. 

The new resource will foster a clearer understanding of what students should know and be able to do to earn opportunities for college credit and placement.

Key Dates for AP Studio Art (AP Art and Design) Teachers

  • 2019 AP Summer Institutes begin. Updated AP Art and Design workshop materials will be available to provide context on the new CED. 
  • 2019 CED binders become available. You can preorder your free copy now using the 2019-20 AP Course and Exam Description Preorder Form.
  • August 1: The AP Classroom system becomes available.
    • Completing a simple digital activation process will give you immediate access to the system and ensure your students can register for the exams by the new fall deadlines.*
    • If you’re teaching a new AP Art and Design (AP Studio Art) course in 2019-20, you’ll need to have your AP Course Audit form approved by your administrator before you can access the system.*
  • Mid-August: 1-day workshops begin.
  • Your school’s AP coordinator will set up your class sections in the system. If your coordinator chooses not to create class sections, you can create your own.
  • Before classes start, log in to the system to get join codes for each of your class sections.*
  • Post the join code for your class section on the board or distribute it to your students. Tell students to log in and join you class section before the next class.*
  • October 4: Preferred deadline for your AP coordinator to order 2020 AP Exams.
  • November: The AP Art and Design digital submission web application becomes available.
  • November 15: Deadline for your AP coordinator to order 2020 AP Exams.
  • January 31, 2020: Deadline to submit your AP Art and Design Course Audit form and have it approved by your administrator for 2019-20 AP Course Audit authorization.*
  • Before March: If your course started after November 15, 2019, make sure that all your students have joined your AP Classroom section and are following your AP coordinator’s directions about registering for AP Exams.*
  • March 13, 2020: Deadline for your AP coordinator to place exam orders for students in courses that started after November 15, 2019.*

* = required action