Pre-2014 AP Spanish Language Exam Information

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The curriculum framework in the Course and Exam Description provides details about the content on the exam. The exam questions below do not reflect the redesigned exam administered in May 2014, but some of the question types are similar and many of the topics address the current course themes, making them a valuable resource for students and teachers.

Multiple-Choice Questions

Past Free-Response Questions

Below are free-response questions from past AP Spanish Language Exams. Included with the questions are scoring guidelines, sample student responses, and commentary on those responses, as well as exam statistics and the Chief Reader’s Student Performance Q&A Report for past administrations.

Note about “Form B” Exams

Prior to the May 2012 exam administration, for selected AP subjects, another version of the exam called “Form B” was administered outside of North, Central, and South America.

1999: Free-Response Questions
Questions Scoring Samples

All Questions

Scoring Guidelines

Sample Responses Composition