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Below is a diverse selection of supplemental materials, including lesson plans and teaching strategies, from the College Board and your AP colleagues. Look for more classroom resources from your peers in the AP Teacher Community.

In August, you will be able to access more interactive tools in AP Classroom, including unit guides, progress checks and a dashboard to measure student progress, and a bank of real AP questions.

From the College Board

Coming in August 2019: AP Physics 1 Student Workbook

This is a new, free resource that contains a compilation of problems written by master AP Physics teachers and college/university physics faculty to help students prepare for the AP Physics 1 Exam. This workbook offers more than 100 scenarios, or worksheets, presented in unit order, that were designed to support learning of course content and important skills, such as argumentation, quantitative analysis, data analysis, using representations, and experimental design.

From Your AP Colleagues