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Special exam formats or materials are available to order for students with disabilities who have received approval or expect to receive approval for testing accommodations from College Board. Accommodations that require special exam formats or materials may include ATC format, braille or large-type exams, and large-block answer sheets.

You should indicate all approved or expected special exam formats or materials for each student with an applicable approved or expected accommodation before submitting your exam order. You’ll be able to update an existing exam order for a student whose accommodations approval status changes after the November 15 ordering deadline without an additional fee. However, if you add a new exam order for a student after the November 15 ordering deadline, the late order fee would apply.

Please keep in mind:

  • College Board must approve the students’ eligibility forms.
  • Schools manage accommodations requests using SSD Online.
  • Consult with the SSD coordinator to ensure that you are ordering sufficient master CDs for students needing extended time because these students will need to test in a separate room.

New! All requests for accommodations and, when required, complete documentation must be submitted through SSD Online by January 17, 2020.

SSD Online is a separate system from AP Registration and Ordering. Submitting requests for accommodations and submitting your exam order are two different processes. Requests for accommodations are not submitted through AP Registration and Ordering.

Because of earlier exam ordering deadlines, requests should be submitted as early in the school year as possible. Go to SSD Online for more information about submitting, tracking, and managing requests for accommodations.

To learn more about ordering special format exams, refer to the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 1. For administering exams to students with accommodations, refer to the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 2 , which will be available in late fall. The AP SSD Guidelines will be available in early 2020.